Rights and obligations

Mexican Federation of Universities A.C. (FEMU)

Rights and obligations of members

Article 9. The rights of active members are:

  1. Attend the FEMU Assemblies.
  2. Have voice and vote in the General Assemblies.
  • Receive clear and truthful information regarding the agreements or resolutions made in the Assemblies to achieve the purposes and objectives of the FEMU.
  1. Receive information and publications from the FEMU.
  2. Require and receive the services that the FEMU provides.
  3. Participate in all the benefits that the FEMU obtains for its members.
  • Separate from “FEMU” without having to express the reason for doing so, giving two months' notice; however, your separation must cover the fees you owe.

Article 10. The obligations of active members are:

  1. Attend the ordinary and extraordinary Assemblies that are called by the Board of Directors.
  2. Cooperate and participate in activities to meet the objectives of the FEMU.
  • Perform loyally and honestly the commissions designated by the General Assembly or the Board of Directors.
  1. Pay punctually the ordinary fees for the support of the FEMU, as well as the extraordinary ones that are approved by the General Assembly;
  2. Promote the strengthening of the FEMU with new members of the FEMU.
  3. Collaborate with academic and cultural activities carried out at the Women's Museum.
  • Disseminate the activities carried out by FEMU among the university community and in general with society.
  • Provide the General Assembly or the Board of Directors with the reports it requests, on matters of common interest.
  1. In general, comply with the resolutions of the General Assembly by the means at its disposal, as well as those determined by the Board of Directors according to its jurisdiction.

Article 11. Members of the FEMU may not use its name or hold their representation when there is no authorization from the Board of Directors or the Honor Council.

Article 12. The members will participate in all the activities of “FEMU”, always seeking the unity and integration of the members.

Article 49. The following are causes of exclusion:

  1. a. Repeatedly failing to fulfill their obligations with the FEMU. b. Failure to continually comply with the regulations, Statutes or agreements of the General Assembly. c. Not covering the corresponding fee for a period of more than one year and d. In the above cases, prior sanction from the Honor Council will be required.
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