Special documents

Mulier Magazine
Manifesto September 23, 2021
Women and girls in Afghanistan in the face of the imminent restriction on their rights and freedoms
Manifesto March 7, 2021
Legal Abortion in Argentina
16 days of activism at the Women's Museum
Statement 09/11/2020
Diana E. Garduño Statement 09/02/2020
Statement 04/28/2020
Gender Alert Forum
Statement 08/21/2019 Femicide
Activities Report 2011-2018
Statement 05/17/2018 Mariela
Statement 10/24/2017 Dafne
Statement 05/08/2017 Lesvy
Leave no one behind: A call to action for gender equality
Presentation: Economic Empowerment of Women
Taking action for transformational change on womens economic empowerment
Leave no one behind A call to action for gender equality
Document: Conclusions of the Women's Economic Empowerment Forum
Statement 02/09/2017 Trump
Statement 12/16/2016 Misogyny
Statement 09/13/2016 Secular State
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