Trafficking in times of pandemic
Patricia Galeana (Coord.)
The impact of the pandemic on women's lives
Patricia Galeana (Coord.)
The state and society in the face of care
Patricia Galeana (Coord.)
Empowering girls and women through education
Patricia Galeana
Dare to change: to a culture of Substantive Equality, Mexico 2018
Patricia Galeana (Coord.)
For the decriminalization of women in Mexico, Mexico 2017
Patricia Galeana (Coord.)
For a culture of peace: how to eliminate violence against women, 2016
Patricia Galeana (Coord.)
Breaking the glass ceiling, 2013
Patricia Galeana
The Women's Museum, 2012
Women's Museum
Comparative History of Women in the Americas, Mexico 2012
The history of women in Mexico, Mexico 2010
The Reproductive Rights of women in Mexico, 2010
Half a century of Women's Political Rights in Mexico, Mexico 2008
Women as agents of change for humanism and peace, Mexico 2007
The Human Rights of women in Mexico, 2004
The true story of women's citizenship
Women and Constitution, Mexico 1998
The condition of indigenous women and their fundamental rights, Mexico 1997
Report of Government Institutions dedicated to Women, Mexico 1996
Girls' rights, 1995
México, UNAM-UNICEF 1995
The woman of Mexico of the transition, 1994
México, FEMU-UNAM 1994
The condition of women in Jalisco, 1994
México, UNAM-UNICEF 1995
The situation of women in Nuevo León, 1993
The condition of Mexican women. volume II, 1993
The condition of Mexican women. Volume I, 1992
The condition of Colimense women, 1992
FEMU 1993
Anthology of university women, 1990
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